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Polyhedron releases three training videos:

Absoft compilers

Pro Fortran 2017 brings more performance, new features and expanded visual capabilities to Fortran developers.
Building faster Fortran code and mixed Fortran/C code with 2017 is easier than ever before, and results can be displayed graphically with a click of the mouse. Pro Fortran 2017 continues to set new benchmarks with its combination of ease-of-use development tools, fast code, automated data visualization, code reliability and the industry’s most user friendly upgrade policy. New features include:

All Platforms:

• OpenMP 3.1 Support
• Enhanced auto-parallel and OpenMP support libraries
• Performance Improvements
• New AWE Window routines
  * AWE_activateWindow
  * AWE_cascadeWindows
  * AWE_moveWindow
  * AWE_tileWindows
• Bundled SLATEC MATH library
• Automatic DLL deployment
• Fx3 Debugger Fortran run time error trapping

Intel Software Elite Reseller

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 tool suite simplifies the design, development, debug, and tuning of code that utilizes parallel processing to boost application performance. Get more application performance with less effort on compatible Intel® processors and coprocessors.

Three editions based on your development needs:

  • Composer* Edition includes compilers, performance libraries, and parallel models optimized to build fast parallel code.
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  • Professional* Edition includes everything in the Composer edition. It adds performance profiler, threading design/prototyping, and memory & thread debugger to design, build, debug and tune fast parallel code.
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  • Cluster Edition includes everything in the Professional edition. It adds a MPI cluster communications library, along with MPI error checking and tuning to design, build, debug and tune fast parallel code that includes MPI.
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Exclusive to Polyhedron: training videos - free with each sale or renewal!

Fortran plusFORT
 Polyhedron F77 to F90 converter - free on-line tool using Polyhedron's plusFORT toolset

Silverfrost FTN95 Fortran compiler
Silverfrost announce FTN95 V8.0.
With Silverfrost FTN95: Fortran for Windows you can create console based, conventional Windows and Microsoft .NET applications. Silverfrost FTN95 is the only compiler that can produce Microsoft .NET applications that can use the full Fortran 95 language. Silverfrost FTN95 also boasts its world leading CHECKMATE run-time checking technology that finds bugs fast!

  TurboCalc.  Groundbreaking software for simulation and solving a wide range of design and engineering challenges.


Lahey/Fujitsu LF 7.7 for Windows now available. Pro version incorporates Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 shell, Lahey's Fortran Integration, WiSK a Winteracter subset, + much more. Also included the Lahy GNU compiler (32/64-bit) with Visual Studio 2013 Shell.

QTConsole from QT Software
Announcing a new library for Fortran programmers to configure their output in the Console Window.
Features such as character position, colour and buffer-size can all be controlled by simple calls to these routines.
For more information, click here.

Forcheck v14.6:

  • IDE enhancements
  • Equivalenced objects in common are now also shown in the cross-references of common
  • Improved reporting of multiple objects.
  • Larger number of arguments in messages ages
  • Cross-references of public module constants
  • Cross-reference of defined operators
  • Reporting of unused defined operators
  • Semi-automatic verification and updating of include file depencies
  • Generation of make file with module and include dependencies
  • Support of the latest versions of the Fortran compilers

PGI V16 Released!
  • PGI Accelerator (TM): PGI Accelerator C99 & Fortran enable high level programming of HPC applications for x64+accelerators using OpenACC compiler directives. Portable, incremental, and easy to use for application domain experts.
  • PGI CUDA Fortran and CUDA x86 Compilerseenables GPU acceleration of HPC applications using the NVIDIA CUDA parallel programming model in a native optimizing Fortran 2003 compiler. Use CUDA-x86 to compile your CUDA C or CUDA Fortran program to run on x64 targets. Both products are compatible and interoperable with NVIDIA's CUDA C.
  • PGI Workstation (TM) and PGI Server(TM) for x64 PGI optimizing multi-core x64 compilers for Linux, MacOS & Windows with support for debugging and profiling of local MPI processes. A complete OpenMP/MPI SDK for high performance computing on the latest Intel and AMD CPUs.
  • PGI Visual Fortran for Microsoft Windows: PGI Visual Fortran brings optimizing multi-core x64 Fortran with integrated OpenMP/MPI debugging to scientists & engineers on Microsoft Windows within Microsoft Visual Studio.

Winteracter V10.10 is available in both 32- and 64 bit versions and is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS . See here for list of enhancements

GINO graphics
GINO 8.0 Now Available. GINO is a high-end feature-rich API for creating complex 2D and 3D graphics and GUI applications. GINO v8.0 keeps pace with the latest versions of Fortran compilers and Windows operating system.

New UltraEdit - text editor for Linux
UltraEdit is specially designed for editing text and programming.