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White Papers

Here is a collection of White Papers relating to developing and using Fortran programs

Why doesn't it work? Detailed description of Fortran program errors with their symptoms and diagnosis
Why Winteracter? A brief introduction to using Winteracter to add a GUI to an existing DOS program
Fortran and Windows A quick look at the various ways of building Fortran Windows applications
Intel Fortran 11.0 and Visual Studio Using Intel Visual Fortran 11.0 with Visual Studio 2008
Nested Factorization Nested Factorization algorithm which may be used to approximate large finite difference matrix equations
GPU Computing Is the 'many-core' GPU the next BIG thing for High Performance Computing?
Running Fortran on the web How to interact between a web-page and a Fortran application
An Introduction to Vectorization with Intel C++ Compiler (pdf) How to take advantage of SSE and AVX instructions to speed up your C++ code.
A Concise Guide to Parallel Programming Tools for Intel Xeon Processors. (pdf) How to pick the right programming models and tool that boost application performance.
An Introduction to Vectorization with Intel Fortran Compiler (pdf) How to take advantage of SSE and AVX instructions to speed up your Fortran code.
Measure Application Performance Scalability (pdf)

Will your software performance scale if it is run on a large number of cores? How do you know if your code is or isn’t parallel enough to take advantage of more cores?

Vectorization Technical Presentation (50 MB download) Future-proof your application's performance
Intel Studio Editions - Are you using the right Tools Everyone needs the right tools to do their job properly – and programmers are no exception. 
A Plain Man's Introduction to Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2011 Analyse the behaviour of your program
Intel Parallel Studio Evaluation Guide Eliminate Errors and Improve Program Stability
Get an Easy Performance Boost with Intel Parallel Studio 2011

Often, you can achieve a major performance boost by recompiling a single file with the optimizing compiler in Intel® Parallel Studio 2011.

Article by Rob Farber in Dr. Dobb’s Journal. PGI Portland compilers: June 11th 2012 - more detail on how to use the PGI Accelerator Compilers with OpenACC for C.
PGI Accelerator with OpenACC Learn how to accelerate your Fortran and C applications with minimal
programming effort using PGI Accelerator with OpenACC By Michael Wolfe
Vectorising code to take advantage of modern CPUs Article by Michael Croucher - Manchester University
The Benefits of Intel (r) VTune Analyzer Winning article explaining how VTune helped one of our customers.