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Intel® Distribution for Python

Using Intel® Distribution for Python

You can:

  •     Achieve faster Python* application performance—right out of the box—with minimal or no changes to your code
  •     Accelerate NumPy*, SciPy*, and scikit-learn* with integrated Intel® Performance Libraries such as Intel® Math Kernel Library and Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library
  •     Access the latest vectorization and multithreading instructions, Numba* and Cython*, composable parallelism with Threading Building Blocks, and more

Who Needs This Product

  • Machine Learning Developers, Data Scientists, and Analysts

Easily implement performance-packed, production-ready scikit-learn algorithms.

  • Numerical and Scientific Computing Developers

Accelerate and scale the compute-intensive Python packages NumPy, SciPy, and mpi4py.

  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) Developers

Unlock the power of modern hardware to accelerate your Python applications.