Intel® Inspector


Find errors early when they are less expensive to fix. This tool locates and debugs memory and threading errors for C, C++, and Fortran applications that run on Windows and Linux.

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Intel® Inspector is part of the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit.


Analyze data for answers.

Debug hard-to-find data races and deadlocks.

Detect memory leaks, invalid accesses, and more.

Find persistence errors that include redundant cache flushes.

Solve Memory Problems Early

Memory errors and nondeterministic threading errors are difficult to find without the right tool. Intel® Inspector is designed to find these errors. It is a dynamic memory and threading error debugger for C, C++, and Fortran applications that run on Windows* and Linux* operating systems. It helps you:

  • Save money: Locate the root cause of memory and threading errors before you release.
  • Save time: Quickly debug intermittent races and deadlocks.
  • Save data: Find errors like missing or redundant cache flushes for persistent memory implementations.
  • Save effort: Use the stand-alone interface, Microsoft Visual Studio* plug-in, or command line. No special compilers or builds are required.