Trial Software

Looking to try before you buy? Here are links to the trial and demo versions for the software we sell, and to our software which is free under certain conditions, all in one place for your convenience. Please note that, as our software comes from a wide range of third parties, the terms and conditions vary, and you may have to register separately for many of the products.

When Polyhedron Software & Services ask you for your details, we may have to share your data with the company who is issuing your trial.  We will not sell or share your data with anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time.  Please be sure to provide a valid email address – if you don’t, you will not receive the software. To unsubscribe, send us an email (from the email address that you have registered with us).

C/C++ Compilers

Intel compilers and tools – Free Trial available for a wide range of Intel compilers. 30 day evaluation versions. Request an Intel Parallel Studio evaluation

Fortran Compilers

Absoft compilers – Trial versions for Windows, Linux and Mac are available. Licenses are valid for 30 days, except for the Fx3 debugger which is 15 days. You will need to use an email address which isn’t from a free email domain. Request an Absoft evaluation

Intel compilers and tools Request an Intel Parallel Studio evaluation available for a range of Intel compilers on Windows, Linux or MacOS. 30 day evaluation versions. In order to install and use the Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows* product, you must have already installed a suitable Microsoft Visual Studio.  If you do not already have a suitable Visual Studio installed, you may download a free trial version of Microsoft Visual Studio from Microsoft. This will allow for full functionality of the product during your evaluation. If, at the end of evaluation, you choose to purchase Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows, the purchased product includes Microsoft Visual Studio Shell and Libraries, allowing development of Fortran applications without requiring a separate purchase of Visual Studio.

Lahey compilers – Trial versions for Windows and 64 bit Linux are available. Licenses are valid for 14 days. Request an Lahey evaluation

Portland (PGI) compilers -You can evaluate PGI using the Community Edition which is free for an annual license.  This excludes Visual Studio Integration, some support options and Premier Support.

Silverfrost FTN95 – Fortran for Windows is now available free for personal and evaluation use. To try the compiler click here.

Fortran Graphics / GUI

GINO evaluate GINO for 1 monthwith selected Fortran compilers under Windows or Linux. The evaluation license key is valid for 30 days.

WinteracterDownload a free Winteracter demo which provides a concise illustration of most Winteracter features, or evaluate Winteracter for 1 monthwith selected Win32 Fortran compilers. We recommend looking at the demo first.

Fortran Tools

plusFORTplusFORT Evaluation for Windows/Linux/MAC OSX is a restricted-function download for single-user evaluation use.

qtXLS – Request an evaluation evaluate qtXLS  (software and documentation in PDF format (2)). The software is limited in function (1). Size of the download file approx. 4 MB
(1) The evaluation copy allows to import and export of rows limited to 50 rows of a single table (sheet). Upon start of a program based on qtXLS there will be a message informing about this limitation.
(2) The Adobe Acrobat Reader (to read documents in PDF format) is to be found here.

ForDBC – you can download the demo version here.

Maths Tools

Intel Maths Kernel Library – Free Trial available with Intel Parallel Studio evaluation (see above).