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plusFORT V7


Fortran Analysis and Refactoring with plusFORT V7


plusFORT, from Polyhedron Solutions, is a multi-purpose suite of tools for analyzing and improving Fortran programs. It combines restructuring and reformatting with global static analysis, dynamic analysis and many other features in a single powerful package. plusFORT is a one-stop solution for programmers, project managers, and quality assurance engineers working with Fortran source code.

Try the new V7 GXCHK report interface by clicking here.

New features for V7 - released Nov 2016:

  • Initial release of Version 7
  • New GXCK HTML reports
  • New Modularization Report in GXCHK
  • New "Per Symbol" reporting in GXCHK.
  • Unicode output in GXCHK for improved rendering of call trees etc.
  • Many changes and bug fixes to improve compatability of SPAG and GXCHK
  •   with Fortran 95.
  • SPAG infers source form from source file extension
  • Multiple 215= allowed in SPAG.fig to allow for complex build
  •   environments with many directories containing INCLUDE files.
  •   options in QMERGE.
  • If no SELECT= is specified, QMERGE now defaults to prompting, rather
  •   than performing a simple merge.
  • Substantial changes to manual - now at Revision H